About us


Haptica provides solutions based on high quality semiconductor strain gauges, semiconductor temperature sensors, transducers and special sensors.

We enable IoT-capable products by sensorizing your items and products with miniature gauges and temperature sensors. We support you by improving your products, enabling high-quality measurements, channeling data, and extracting information from the data.

We also provide wireless sensors and wireless sensor-based solutions using semiconductor sensor technology combined with any wireless data solution.

Haptica uses Micron Instruments technology to provide high-quality standard or customized solutions for robotics and automation, medical and implanted medical, aerospace, naval, energy and a variety of other fields of engineering.




We are a small, creative company. Our mission is to support system companies, start-ups and research institutes in their efforts with the unique technology of semiconductor strain gauges and temperature sensors, to allow them to prevail with sensorized products in all engineering sectors.

Haptica’s core areas of knowledge cover also rocket propulsion, solid rocket motors and space. With our capability, we support the best companies in this area and deliver new solutions.

We operate from Italy, but our source is in California, our beating heart is in Europe and we are open to the world. We do not manage data. We create it. Your data.

The Change


The Internet of Things is changing the world. Are you ready for the change?



Join us


If you are looking for an employment opportunity, like engineering and our area of business, get in touch with HAPTICA!




Legal Office: Via Podgora, 15 20122 Milano, Italy

Operations: Via Grazioli 2, 21052 Busto Arsizio, VA

Phone: +39 0331 3143395

VAT IT09721870963 – C.F.09721870963

R.E.A. MI – 2109562

PEC haptica@pec.host.it

Electronic invoice recipient code: M5UXCR1

Legal capital /capital stock: 142.000 Euro fully deposited

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