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IoT Communicator Box

Acquires data from 4 x load cells, pressure sensors

Interfaces to PLC

Streams data wirelessly via WiFi, or with cable

Data communication types: Ethernet, WiFi 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth and LoRa

Digital sensors data via Ethernet interface, via any protocol (UDP, TCP, OPC UA, many others)

Configurable dashboard / GUI

Allows data filter configuration and outputs configuration


An innovative product allowing continuous monitoring of the mass contained in tanks, silos and containers by simply strapping it on the tank support.

The load cell is applied externally, also on existing tanks.

The load cell can interface to any device, such as PLCs or local networks.

The sensor is easy to mount outdoor also, and allows a continuous long distance monitoring.


Strap it on and upgrade your machine or storage system


High performance pressure sensors: flush mount or thread mount, with Titanium housing.

Available also as combined pressure and temperature sensors.

Miniature button size available, fits the tip of an M3 screw.

Custom temperature ranges between cryogenic and +500°C

Wired and wireless data acquisition with minimum power consumption.

Analog wired or digital wireless data acquisition to any bus / IoT.

UDP / TCP / OPC UA / MQTT data.

LPWAN interface for maximum coverage.


We upgrade your products and machine parts by sensorizing them with miniature strain gauges and semiconductor temperature sensors.

Direct application, or application on membrane: glued, welded, or screw-mounted.

We support you by improving your products, enabling high-quality measurements, channeling data, and extracting information from the data.

Data transmission by wire or wireless, using open protocols. IoT data connectivity: OPC UA, MQTT, UDP, TCP, etc.

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