Haptica can install gauges and temperature sensors on components of all shapes, sizes and materials. 

Our gauge technicians have decades of experience on gauge installations. We can install single gauges, half bridges, full bridges and multiple full bridges on any part, in minimum space.

Our installation facility is in a controlled environment and equipped and staffed to obtain the best results on prototypes or large-scale production quickly and reliably.

Our stain gauge bridges deliver outstanding signal strength at minimum power (20 mV/V standard for 500 µɛ), and can be balanced and passively compensated to 0.2 mV over 100 °C change or 0.5% full scale. 

Sensitivity can also be compensated to deliver the same signal under load, regardless of temperature.

Our miniature temperature sensor deliver a 1 ΔV signal for 100 °C change (10 mV /°C) without amplification and minimum power consumption, and are far more sensitive than any thermocouple or platinum probe.

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We work as supplier, and develop your product or application together with you, filling your knowledge and capability gap.

Your success is our success: we will develop your idea into a reliable, high-performance product, working with you as one team.

Our team has deep knowledge in many engineering disciplines such as design, systems engineering, structural analysis, materials, manufacturing processes, safety and reliability engineering, as well as electronics and software. 

We can assist you at every step between idea and product, focusing on success and quick transition between idea, proof of concept, prototype and regular production.


Haptica enables your IoT and Industry 4.0 idea. We support product and system companies to develop their products, and work with start-ups, research centres or large companies.

Our sensors and transducers enable extracting critical information on load, environment and usage of critical components. These components are part of an entire system, which delivers an important function to the end user.

Today, objects and devices are part of an information chain enabled by digital communication in networks and high-performance data analysis. They are used as parts of multi-layered intelligent systems: this is referred to” Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Industry 4.0”.

Depending on your application, we can focus on any one segment of the IoT information chain.

We will analyze your requirements and propose effective solutions.

We can:

  • Develop your IoT product
  • Develop sensors and transducers for your product
  • Apply our sensors to your device 
  • Provide and customize our loggers and gateways  
  • Develop IoT software

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