Industrial IoT


Haptica provides sensors and sensors connectivity to PLCs and data acquisition devices. We deliver an open hardware platform without proprietary field bus license fees.


High performance sensors

Piezo-resistive, unbeatable performance, long-term stability and reliability.

Measures: pressure, pressure and temperature, load cell, force, torque, flow.

IoT communication

Open data acquisition hardware and protocol.

Interface with PLCs (Siemens, etc.), SBCs (Raspberry Pi, etc.), Arduino, Laptop.

I/O system with optional data analytics features and live visualization.

Acquires data from multiple load cells, pressure sensors, etc.

Streams data by Ethernet or USB interface, or wirelessly (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet Cloud, LPWAN-0G (LoRa or SigFox).

Data can be streamed using any transmission protocol (OPC UA, MQTT, UDP, TCP).

Graphic User Interface allows data filtering, CSV or compact output formats, and is intuitive and fast.

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