wireless sensor


Military grade Wireless sensor systems


Based on extensive experience with BNet corp. and secure, low-power military systems, Micron and Haptica offer wireless data logging system to support all our sensors.

Key Features:

  • Supports all of Piezo-Metric / Micron sensors
  • Works with wired or wireless sensors
  • Is web services enabled and platform independent
  • Has Wi-Fi communication to standard mobile devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop computer, etc.)

The hardware relies on a miniature node, connected to the sensor(s).

A gateway powers the node and sensors, reads the data and has interface to external systems through a low-power, optimized WiFi Interface, accessed by Smartphone, PC, or Tablets.
The hardware and firmware can be configured to be passive, semi-passive (battery assisted passive) or active, with connectors, depending on requirements.
The software settings and the software itself are customized depending on your requirements. View more about the Wireless Architecture.

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