LNG Congress Dusseldorf, 28-30 March


Haptica is participating to LNG congress that will be held in Dusseldorf on 28-30 March, which is one of the most intent Liquefied Natural Gas events in Europe.:

We are presenting our latest #innovativesolutions for this field of engineering, such as the Smart Pipe and ultraminiature transducers.

If you are interested in these revolutionary products, you can meet us at the congress.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about them here, our website is updated with all the new products!

Wireless passive sensing


Torsional resonance on the shafts triggered by terrain waves leads to resonance in the cabin of a land vehicle through the powertrain.

Not just theory… this is how it really feels like!


Fascinating Discovery


In the last weeks we built some prototypes for a miniature pump monitoring pressure sensor. This sensor will be used for #predictivemaintenance of pumps in the oil & gas sector. (More at:

We wanted to see how far our #pressuresensor could go, so we tried to put it on the wrist to catch the arterial #pulserate.
As you can see in the video below, what we observed was surprising: we could see very clearly pulse and also clearly blood pressure inside an artery. Looking at the spectrogram the intensity of the signal was mainly concentrated at 1.18 Hz, as expected.

This result shows the extreme sensitivity of our #sensor as it can precisely detect the faint deformation of the skin due to blood pulse!
Our #sensors are increasingly used in several #medicalapplications, in addition to many other fields. Their high sensitivity allows us to deliver cutting-edge products to our partners.

Get in touch!


A new milestone for Haptica


Our #sensors enable sub-micrometric strain #measurement. We recently measured 1۰10-8 strain in a static and dynamic mode. Oversampling and filtering are not required. #Data was streamed wirelessly to a computer at 10 m distance, using a Li-Ion battery. With this capability, we will enable our partners to build cutting-edge products and to measure what was never measured before!

Feel free to get in touch to know more about this #achievement.


Time for Nature



We are aware about the rapid decline of Earth’s #biodiversity because of the destruction of #ecosystems. It’s time to give priority to safeguarding #nature. For this reason, we try to minimize our environmental footprint; for example, by reusing shipping boxes and packaging materials. We still want to be #creative with our packaging: instead of the fancy boxes used nowadays for consumer electronics we will put one #recycled paper card inside every shipping box. The card explains our choice and can be collected, it is part of a series.
Spread the message! If you collect all cards, we will discount your shipping costs!

We start with this today: #WorldEnvironmentDay


Today, Italy celebrates a national holiday, Republic Day


The #RepublicDay commemorates a referendum held on the 2nd of June 1946, during which Italians (men, and, for the first time, also women) voted to decide between continuing with the monarchy or forming a republic. 54% of the voters opted for the republic, which was officially established on the 10th of June.
This day we celebrate the attempt of our grandparents to create a more democratic state after the horrors of the war. Usually, parades and official ceremonies are held everywhere in the country, especially in #Rome, with the president of the Italian Republic.
Because of the #sanitaryemergency and the need to practice #socialdistancing, this year there will not be people celebrating in the streets.

As a symbol of #unity, the #FrecceTricolori, the Italian Air Force acrobatic team, have flown over all Italian regions. The route started on May 25, passing through Codogno, the town which was first quarantined, and will end today above Rome, symbolically hugging the country with its colours as a sign of #solidarity and #recovery.

At Haptica, we wish to extend this message of unity to all our customers, suppliers and partners. We are one family on a pale blue dot. We succeed or fail together.



Bando Archè – #RegioneLombardia




During the lockdown we had so many Zoom project meetings and calls but now it’s time to start the #Phase2 😃. Last Friday, we shared the new safety #Covid19 protocol, called #StrongerTogether, with the team. It’s a combination of safety and regulatory rules, as well as good practices to #staysafe. Now we have less restrictions, more freedom but we have to remember that we cannot lose our attention.
Haptica has #neverstop, but since Monday we are full operational from our facility in Busto Arsizio. Everybody is not in the office everyday thus we are continuing doing #smartworking. But if you want to reach us, no problem! We are here for you but please inform us in advance so we can schedule a visit!
We decided do use the picture of the bees in our post because they are a great example of #teamwork and today is also a special day for them. Please join us celebrating the #WorldBeeDay 🐝!

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