Strain gauges on membrane


They are gauges integrated on a thin FR-4 membrane.

The product is ready to apply on your part and easy to handle, like with foil gauge technology, but with much higher sensitivity.

The membrane allows application to a 10 mm tube without damage. Backed gauges can be used like conventional foil gauges; correct application and compensation requires expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Single backed gauges (Backed gauges) are constructed using one gauge bonded onto a backing.

Backed half & full bridges are constructed using respectively two and four thermally matched gauges bonded onto a backing, which allows them to track each other. They are available in different configurations, designed for different strain loading modes (e.g. torsion, bending, etc.).

Suggested uses are prototyping for proof of concept, transient or high frequency measurements, structural testing at areas where a high resolution is required (e.g. fatigue monitoring).

Our strain gauges on membrane have the following advantages:


Versatile solder pads

Mounted on a flexible insulated circuit with versatile solder pads makes this device easy to install on any surface. The pad is flexible enough to bend around a 12 mm (0.5 inch) diameter rod. The gauge and gold wires are over-coated to seal out moisture and to provide additional protection of the gauge during the application process.



We can put any gauge on our list on our backings. We can adapt the membrane size to your requirements.


Performance / Foil Gauge Substitute

The sensitivity is 50 to 75 times greater than a foil gauge. We can provide backed gauges with the same resistances as common foil gauge solutions (120 Ω or 350 Ω). A load producing a change of 3 mV on a conventional foil gauge will generate at least 150 mV on a backed half bridge.



Our gauges can operate effectively as low as 50 μ-strain, and as high as 3,000 μ-strain. There is even a “crash gage” available that operates up to 9,000 μ-strain.

From 50 μ-strain up to 9000 µm/m (ppm), linear until very high strain.


High electrical resistance / IoT

We can produce backed gauges to fit your IoT monitored part application using high resistivity materials for the gauges. Devices with 10 – 50 kΩ are possible and will consume very little energy. Metal-foil gauges typically offer an impedance range of 120Ω to 5,000Ω, this can be limiting for wireless sensing applications.


Linearity & Stability

On load cells and foil bridges our gauges can be used as a linearity corrector. A non-linearity of 0.125 % FS can be corrected to less than 0.05 % of full scale. Long-term stability is not compromised.

Datasheet Strain Gauges on Membrane

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